1 in 5 Women Point to Need for Engaged Network of Senior Women to Rise to Leadership Positions: Survey

Reports by the World Economic Forum show that countries with women leaders seem to have fared better at handling the Covid-19 pandemic compared to their male counterparts. This is just one more instance where women workers have demonstrated striking leadership qualities. Yet, the overall women participation in the workforce, especially in the higher leadership roles, remains significantly low.

So, what can women do to rise to leadership roles. JobsForHer, a jobs portal targeted at women, conducted a survey to gauge what women workers think can help them take on higher roles and responsibilities in the workplace.

94 per cent of the 1,500 women respondents said there is a definite need for more networking opportunities for them to rise to leadership positions.

Furthermore, 18.5 per cent of the respondents said they’d look for a dedicated, engaged network of senior women to help reach leadership positions. Also, 32 per cent women said they would like opportunities to interact with women from varied backgrounds and professions to bring in fresh perspectives and serve as a catalyst for change.

“Networking, particularly in the present time is suddenly gaining momentum and it is perhaps a lot simpler now to reach women from various parts of the world to connect, share, ideate and learn,” the report stated.

Of the various catalysts that can help women in their journey up the work ladder, almost half the respondents said a platform to showcase their leadership skills will help them seek leadership positions in their organisations.

More and more companies are now realising the importance of having women in their leadership ranks and are putting their heads together to create a pipeline of women leaders from among their employees, the report stated.

“Structured mentorship, sponsorship and networking platforms for women are important steps in this direction and a trend which will continue to grow to ensure the world has more women at the helm,” said Neha Bagaria, Founder and CEO, JobsForHer.

SOURCE: entrepreneur.com


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