Women, Media and Change (WOMEC) is a national organization established in 1994 and duly registered under the laws of the republic of Ghana in 2000. WOMEC recognizes that women’s issues are multi-dimensional and are impacted upon by factors such as education, information and technology, health, environment, housing, land rights and human rights.

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Our thematic Areas

What We Do

Sexual & Reproductive
Health Rights

WOMEC is a trail blazer in training journalists in gender sensitive reporting. The training has helped to bring gender to the forefront in national discourse. WOMEC has over the years also created a common platform for journalists and women leaders to interact and dialogue on the effective use of the media. The aim is bridge the gap between the media and women, particularly, those in leadership. WOMEC also recognises that the provision of Sexual and reproductive health services is important for the general wellbeing of women and girls.

Gender Equality

Women Rights & Gender Equality

Women Media and Change (WOMEC) believes that the fundamental human rights of women can only be attained if all forms of discrimination against women are eliminated. It is equally important that the issues of gender equality and the rights of women and girls are priotised by every government. WOMEC works to promote gender equality and to empower women and girls to safeguard their human rights

Media Training & Advocacy

Women Media and Change (WOMEC) offers strategic communication training for journalists, advocates, women and young girls to use the media to promote gender equality and the empowerment of women.

Gender Equality

Women In Leadership

WOMEC has trained Female Parliamentarians and female parliamentary candidates on the effective use of the media.

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