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Women, Media and Change (WOMEC) is a national organization registered in 2000 under the laws of the Republic of Ghana. WOMEC recognises that women’s issues are multi-dimensional and are influenced by various factors including access to education, health, housing, food, shelter, land rights as well as other human rights issues. WOMEC is committed to promoting gender equality and equity.


An inclusive society where women and girls are well informed and empowered.


WOMEC is committed to creating the platform for women and girls to gain public voice and visibility through the effective use of the media, gender training, research, publication, community engagement and advocacy.


Team work, Professionalism, Innovation, Integrity, Respect, Honesty and Reliability.


  • Basic IT and Communication training
  • Online Media and communication skills
  • Gender-related training for media practitioners. Read  more


Undertake research on gender issues with a view to providing up-to-date facts and figures to service women’s organizations and other institutions concerned with advocacy and awareness creation. Read more

Together with refugees, we build a safer and more vibrant world https://womec.org/together-with-refugees-we-build-a-safer-and-more-vibrant-world/

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Statement: Set women at the heart of recovery decisions and processes https://womec.org/statement-set-women-at-the-heart-of-recovery-decisions-and-processes/
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How Leaders Can Do More To Keep Women In Technology https://womec.org/how-leaders-can-do-more-to-keep-women-in-technology/

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