Women are resourceful in the face of adversity – WOMEC

Dr. Charity Binka, Executive Director of Women in Media and Change (WOMEC), says women are resourceful in the face of adversity and can contribute to make the world a better place to live in when given the opportunity.

She said there were a number of women in the country and the world had attained higher leadership positions with perseverance, hard work and brought change to the world at large.

She made the remarks at the International Women’s Day celebration held at the Accra Girls’ Senior High School on the global theme: “Women in Leadership: Achieving an Equal Future in a Covid-19 world” and WOMEC’s theme: “Amplifying the Voices of Girls for Change,” on Monday.

Dr Binka said she did not come from a wealthy home but had strived to get to a point in life when she was content, and, therefore, advised women to work hard to fill the void in leadership to make a positive change.

As young women, she advised them to be focused, determined, believe in themselves and be God fearing to attain higher heights in life.

She said the young women in the 21st century had every opportunity to excel, even though there could be obstacles and challenges.

“Add value to yourself that others may value you, be determined to achieve a goal and be a woman of substance”, she advised.

Dr. Binka cautioned the students on contents on social media, which carried a lot of manipulative messages, in order not to let it be a distraction to their lives.

She, however, asked them to utilize the good content on social media to their advantage.

She encouraged parents and teachers to support the children by coaching and mentoring them to hold leadership positions.

Dr. James Clayman, an Obstetrician/Gynecologist, St. John’s Hospital and Fertility Centre, said women had been misunderstood for a long time, a situation which indirectly defined them and made them accept what they thought life had given them, adding that, meanwhile God had created them for a special purpose.

He said women were capable of doing anything they set their minds on.

Women were different, he said, adding that it however did not make them inferior beings, but unique, reflectors, givers of life and naturally-created leaders.

Dr. Clayman advised young women to be patient and not rush into premarital sex, not to look down upon themselves and be courageous to become who they wanted to be in future.

Ms Florence Ofori, Project lead, Eco Towel, a company that distributes reusable sanitary pads and co-organisers of the programme, told the young women not to allow people to hold them back with discouraging words as they strived to reach a greater height, but rather be focused and not be in a hurry to get married or be housewives.

She asked them to toil to achieve a goal as working class women.

Ms Ofori distributed the reusable pad to the female students and asked them to make good use of them to enable them to last long, saying the pads were safe and comfortable.

“When you don’t feel right about your menstrual cycle, talk to an experienced person or a doctor”, she advised.

WOMEC is a non-governmental organization committed to training women and girls in media skills and ICT and building the capacity of journalists in gender and health reporting.


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