Gender parity in Zim society still a mirage

ZIMBABWEAN women are forced to walk many kilometers in search of water, healthcare and food.

Physical, sexual and emotional abuses are reportedly on the increase, with many perpetrators, especially in politically-motivated cases, going scot-free.

Africa’s First Ladies Promote Women’s, Children’s Health

The first ladies of five African nations have addressed the challenges women and children face in their countries and what needs to be done to improve their lives, especially in health care.  Dignitaries from numerous African nations met in Los Angeles to exchange ideas and seek help. 

International Women’s Day: Commentary

Every year, March 8, the World pauses to celebrate International Women’s Day. It is seen as a time to reflect on progress made and to call for change in the situation of women and girls.

It is a Day also to celebrate acts of courage and determination by ordinary women who have played extraordinary roles in the history of their countries and communities.