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Women advised to develop their full potentials

Mrs Abiola Bawuah, the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of the United Bank of Africa, has called on women to develop their full potentials in order to make significant contributions to development.

She said there was ample evidence that when women were able to develop their full potentials they were able to make significant macroeconomic gains thereby improving the wellbeing of their families.

Mrs Bawuah was speaking at the Ghana Employers’ Association (GEA) Third Women in Human Resource (HR) Conference on the theme: “Developing and Climbing the Corporate Ladder” in Accra on Tuesday.

She urged women to concentrate on issues that matter the most because they could succeed regardless of the gender equity or equality. Mrs Bawuah said findings made by the Bank showed that 53 per cent of entry level employees were females, 40 per cent were managers, 35 per cent were directors, 27 per cent were vice presidents, 24 per cent were senior vice presidents and 19 per cent were executive in the C-suite.

She said: “The higher you look up the ladder, the less number of women you see,” adding that the higher the ladder the lesser the females who also earned less than the men.  She said women should shun the culture of perennial excuses, leverage their inner strength, deliver results, nurture relationships, exemplify social intelligence, learn from great people, and invest in training and certifications.

Mr Alex Frimpong, the Chief Executive Officer of GEA, advised women not to limit themselves to only Human Resource development because the business landscape was changing.

“You have to up your game and understand every role of the organisation,” he said and urged women to use their opportunity to broaden their horizon and rise to the top. The annual conference brought together HR practitioners from all over Ghana to share ideas and find ways to address the peculiar challenges of women in the field.

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